Direct Primary Care is Cheaper

Self-pay patients often spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get affordable healthcare. This can be a challenge because they are uninsured and usually not part of any governmental assistance program. Furthermore, self-pay patients have to learn about various programs and concepts, such as telemedicine, healthcare ministries, pharmaceutical discount cards, and cash-only doctors. The common question patients have is, “How can these healthcare organizations afford to charge less money than what insurers have to pay?” Basically, there are less bureaucratic costs because there are fewer people making money within these organizations. For example, insurance companies have created all these fee schedules that medical offices have to keep track of, so they can bill the insurer appropriately. These schedules have thousands of different billing codes that usually change every year. The doctor is supposed to bill the insurance company in accordance to the fee schedule that the insurer gave them. Of course, doctors aren’t the ones that actually handle all of this paperwork for billing and coding. Instead, they hire billers and coders who have studied the coding language to actually handle the billing for them. Between the paperwork at the doctor’s office and the paperwork at the insurer’s office, all of this inflates the overall medical costs for the patient.

Direct primary care practices are definitely the best option for self pay patients because they don’t have all that insurance company nonsense to pay for. They can just deal directly with the doctor and possibly the pharmaceutical company if they need some medication. However, many direct primary care practices will provide prescription assistance by prescribing you a generic brand or referring you to a cheaper pharmacy that won’t charge you hundreds of dollars for your prescription. Whatever you do, don’t go through an HMO because they will recommend you to a healthcare provider that will actually inflate their listing price even more. The reason they do that is because the doctors will offer their insurers a large discount, so they can charge more money to the patients. Therefore, it is always a good idea for the self paying patient to research their own direct primary care provider. That way they can pay a small monthly fee every month instead of an overpriced service charge that they can’t afford. Out of all the patient assistance programs, direct primary care practices have the right idea to ensure that people can be protected without going bankrupt.

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