TheRxConnection Patient Testimonials

“The Rx Connection helped me to receive free assistance from five different pharmaceutical companies. I am so thankful for their assistance. Thank you!”

-Debra Powell  (For Worth, Texas)


“Prescription Assistance has been a huge help for me and my family. I enrolled when I entered the Medicare Coverage Gap and it has been a life-saver.”

-William McArthur (Melbourne, FL)


“I was unable to afford my prescriptions. Thank you so much for the excellent service. I wish I was able to find you sooner.”

-Connie O’ Reily (Albany, NY)


“I had stopped taking my medications because of how expensive they were. The Rx Connection helped me receive all of my brand names for free. I would personally recommend this program to anyone who is stuck spending out of pocket money on prescription meds.”
-Jerome Evans (Duluth, MN)


“I lost my job and health insurance and my prescriptions were going to cost me hundreds. This program helped me receive my medications for a fraction of that cost. Thank you so much!”
-Albert Morgan (Spokane, WA)


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