In An Industry Saturated By Scams, Patient Assistance Helps

Let’s face it, America’s health industry is less than ideal. If you have the average american health care policy, chances are you are unhappy with the prices of your medication co-pays. If you are uninsured, you’re guaranteed Cheap Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts Outlet UK  to be unhappy with your prescription costs and finally, if you’re a senior or disabled citizen with medicare, the coverage gap and medications that wont be covered are your annual nightmares. Have you looked in to Patient Assistance Programs?

The chain of events that scams people in to paying high medication costs is easy to follow after doing a bit of research. The food we eat from the subsidized farming industry makes us sick, in turn we need subsidized healthcare. The prescriptions we receive from doctor’s paid through subsidized healthcare are manufactured by the subsidized pharmaceutical industry.

It seems at every turn we as patients are shelling out money! We pay to eat , which meants we pay to get sick. We pay to see a medical professional, and we pay to take the remedies we are prescribed. It is an absolute worst case  Cheap Ralph Lauren  scenario when after going through the ringer, you approach your pharmacy and are told that medications are going to cost hundreds of dollars.

Over 15 years ago, because of public unrest with this situation, the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies quietly established Patient Assistance Programs. These PAP’s were established to finally award a proactive patient with some type of affordable health care. Patient Assistance Programs only help with medications that are prescribed and are not insurance programs for doctor visits, hospitals, or medical supplies. In fact, the programs are not insurance programs at all.

Because they are entirely separate from insurance, Patient Assistance Programs can even benefit patients that have insurance, if the coverage is inadequate. The PAP’s also greatly assist those that have no insurance, and even senior citizens and disabled citizens through their medicare gaps and lapses.

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