Prescription Assistance Programs for Insulin

If you have diabetes, no matter what type, it means you have too much glucose in your blood. Diabetes is a chronic disease that afflicts 25.8 million Americans. Insulin, one of the primary treatments for diabetes, has been around since the 1920s, but insulin is still too expensive for many Americans to afford, so many go without.  This is called medication non-adherence, where patients don’t take the medication or the recommended dosage. Medication non-adherence is extremely dangerous for insulin Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet UK depended diabetics.
There are many side effects of not taking insulin. Initially people will feel dizzy and weak and not have a lot of energy. After some time the side effects get more serious. They include painful sores on your arms and legs. These sores can get infected easily which would lead to other problems. The blood flow to person’s gums will diminish and will lead to teeth falling out.  The body will start shutting down in other areas as well. This can lead to permanent nerve damage and amputation of toes, fingers, and limbs.  Also because blood flow is restricted it causes temporarily or permanent blindness. The liver, kidneys, and brain will begin to shut down. Heart attacks and strokes are also very common.  Death is a very common outcome for many who stop taking insulin.
If you don’t have insurance or coverage the cost of insulin can be over $200 per bottle. Many times a person needs to take two kinds of insulin, which can cost over $500 per month. Insulin prices have been increasing and there’s no evidence of this stopping. Many insurance companies will only pay a certain percentage of the total cost, which can lead to very high copay premiums nbrc or even gaps in coverage.There is hope for those who can’t afford their medications. Prescription Assistance Programs were designed to help people in this case. If a person has no insurance or is paying high co-payments there might be help. The programs allow patients to receive their insulin directly from the manufacturing pharmaceutical companies. They will mail the insulin directly to the patient’s doctor’s office, most of the time in a 3-month supply. Every insulin manufacturer offers an assistance program. Finding the correct program for a person’s particular situation can be difficult and applying for the help is even more difficult.
The RX Connection was designed to put the patients needs first. Every situation is different, and The RX Connection understands that. They allow for their patients to come up with a customizable program that can benefit their patients the most. The RX Connection works directly with the manufacturing pharmaceutical companies. The approval and enrollment process is made very easy and understandable for their patients. They will facilitate the entire process and complete every refill for their patients. The RX Connection’s patients never go a day with out their much needed medication. They have a trained team of advocates that have worked in the healthcare industry for a number of years. They are very knowledgeable and will lead you in the right direction if they can’t assist you. Getting help is easy call The RX Connection and experience how they can provide you with assistance.


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