Prescription Assistance Is Not as Easy as You Think

Almost all would agree that the concept of Patient Assistance Programs (PAP’s) is incredible. They seem to provide a great service and tremendous relief for the right type of patients; those that qualify have access to free medications. Seems simple, right?

Well if it does, my guess is that you haven’t had experience with these programs before. The truth of the matter is, if you expect these programs to help with a laundry list of expensive medications, expect to do A LOT of Cheap Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts Outlet UK work! If one misstep is taken, most patients find themselves denied and discouraged. Responses are not always quick, and having multiple prescriptions from multiple companies usually ends in a disgruntled patient returning to their pharmacy to either over pay for their medications, or to decide which medications are most important. Multiple parties are involved in PAP’s including the patients, doctors offices (usually patients have more than one doctor), and manufacturing companies. Staying in constant contact with all parties involved to ensure a continuous flow of all medications becomes a job in itself.

Therein lies the problem! These programs were not meant to frustrate, but instead to alleviate. What purpose do free medications serve if they are unattainable? What good is a program that’s good in theory, but not in practice? Cheap Polo Ralph Lauren UK in The best step for a patient in need to take is to get in contact with Patient Assistance specialists. TheRxConnection seems to be the most noteworthy of any advocacy group that deals with Patient Assistance Programs; there are relief groups around the country that work to provide facilitation of the enrollment process and approval process so that patients can ACTUALLY get help through PAP’s.

A service like this makes the “too good to be true” Patient Assistance Programs entirely attainable. It might take a few weeks, but the relief is tangible. See for yourself!

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