The Difficult Economic Times Yields A Need For Help With Medical Prescriptions

Even with the upswing in the economic picture, millions of people are dealing with trouble concerning medicine. You will find that the impact of not being able to afford prescription medication can prove detrimental in a lot of ways. Some of the companies that are making the drugs have started to take notice and are now offering opportunities to help people get the medications that they need to sustain a healthy life. Merck, for example is helping with guidelines to help low income families get free prescription help, and get the right drugs without breaking the bank. In fact, single people that make less than $43,000 can qualify for help. For a family that consists of 4 people, the limit will be $88,000 and less, and that’s already helped close to 2 million people get upwards of billions of dollars in medicine.

More Companies Jumping In

Biogen is another company that is getting into the swing of things, helping low income families get their hands on prescription medications at low costs or no costs. They’ve been pushing for financial assistance, and have directly impacted millions with programs and options that have dropped the cost of medications for multiple sclerosis and more. They have helped with Avonex and Tysabri and are continually helping others get their hands on drugs they need.

AstraZeneca also is improving their medication assistance program to help with patients that are either uninsured or are low income overall. The company has worked towards greatly reducing costs based on the income and family size of individuals. These types of programs are being met with great appreciation from millions of people that can’t afford medications in today’s economic framework.

Requirements Still Needed

It’s important to understand that even though the economic downshift that plagued 2009 is starting to recover, people still need to meet certain requirements to get help. Most often, proof of income, residency, and prescription is necessary to move forward with these requirements. Once qualified, medications that are needed most can be discounted or even given away for free. It’s important to understand that many of these options don’t even require a person to have insurance, and that’s going to go the extra mile for those that cannot afford lifesaving medications. As more manufacturers help the individuals that need drugs, the internet is getting more coupons, attention and more. Tough economic times may not be all gone, but at least pharmaceutical companies are helping.

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  1. Sherry Barnett says:

    I’m happy that the country is no longer in a recession, but I’m still struggling to afford my everyday living expenses. I did find a job after 3 years of unemployment, but it pays almost half of what i was making in 2007. In turn my medications have skyrocketed and I’m spending over $200 a month on them. I can’t continue living like this. I NEED HELP!!

  2. Kathy Dobbins says:

    Very true. This applies to many of us.

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