Finding Help Paying For Prescription Drugs Today

For those that are looking for assistance with paying for prescriptions today, there are a variety of agencies that exist to help with the many different issues that can come with not having insurance or coverage for medications. The following will help you get the right type of help, moving forward with getting the services that you need at a low or no cost basis.

  • Starting Point – First and foremost, look for your State Social Services Agency. You’ll find that these agencies are set up to help with directing you to the right office or organization that is in your state. Every state has local organizations that can help with medical issues including prescription drugs.
  • Local Health Options – Many health centers are located within counties across the United States which can help you get limited access to care. There are several different things you have to consider moving forward, however. You’ll need to meet the annual income, and family size requirements before getting help within this option. There are several guidelines that need to be considered in accordance with the Federal poverty level, and benefits package pertaining to local health centers.
  • Medicare – For those that are receiving Medicare or Medicaid, it’s important to call the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The number is 1-800-MEDICARE. CMS can assist with a variety of options including referrals to local agencies that can administer help. Calling will give more information in this regards.
  • Call The Manufacturer – One option that may be helpful is to call the pharmaceutical company directly to see if there are any free or discounted solutions. There’s a variety of discount programs that are available throughout the United States and are listed within the Manufacturers of America. Offerings through the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) is also available by calling 1-888-4PPA-NOW.


For veterans, it’s important to contact your local Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in order get access to the right program to assist veterans today.


For senior citizens, there’s a great deal of resources available including the Administration on Aging Eldercare Locator. There are a variety of government and local resources that are specifically designed to help with this solution. You can call 1-800-677-1116 for more information on this as well.


For those that are receiving Medicare benefits and are within the umbrella of Medicare’s Prescription Drug Program, extra help is available for those that have limited access to resources or are below the poverty line.

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  1. Michael DeLozier says:

    I tried contacting Lilly for help with my humalog and they gave me the run around. they were unresponsive and didn’t care i was going without my insulin. I went 3 months without my medications and eventually found out they denied me because I did not fill in the correct information. I landed up getting very sick and i ended up in the hospital. I was there for 3days all because i didn’t take my insulin. I’m grateful for companies like these, without them there would be no way i could afford my medication.

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