Assistance Program Application For HIV Medication Making Waves

Individuals that are dealing with the hardships of HIV can now access antiretroviral (ARV) medications through several HIV patient assistance programs (PAPs). This is helping people that are dealing with this disease live longer and get proper care.

The Application Streamlining Process

PAPs are crucial for helping individuals get the care that they need. They are operated by large pharmaceutical companies that are offering medications to low-income people that are having a hard time paying for drugs and medications. Millions of people that are living with diseases like HIV are sometimes ineligible for insurance coverage and won’t even qualify for Medicaid, Medicare, or the AIDS Drug Assistance Programs that are available today. Even though each company may have different options in terms of eligibility, it’s important to look at how these programs can help with prescription medications. The programs today have a 500% eligibility level in regards to income based on the national poverty line which at the present is $57,450 per person. Some programs have been instituted which are lower in requirements, and something well worth exploring. Each program dictates their own requirements, but most often, levels can be fair. There are sites like Positively Aware and Fair Pricing Coalition that can offer more details as to some of these elements.

The medication regimen that people with HIV have to take includes 3 or even more medicines at once. These can include several medications that come from different manufacturers. That means that the average person will have to apply through different forms and companies in order to get one medication. This is not only time consuming, but it can be painstaking to say the lease. A simpler option has been desired for some time and many advocates have noted this time and time again.

Developing A Better Form

A common form was introduced as early as 2012, and since then several of the major companies including the top 7 of the 8 companies that manufacture HIV ARV medications have allowed for a common application form. The Common Patient Assistance Program Application (CPAPA) is a form that is readily available and can help streamline the process of getting low cost, if not free medication for those that are dealing with HIV today.

The form combines a great deal of information that other forms have, and will reduce paperwork, and information protocol for those that are in dire need of help. Access to HIV medication is crucial to those living with the disease as it can mean the difference between living longer or falling ill often.

Further Streamlining

Streamlining this process is not done. There are several companies working together to make this even easier to help those that are dealing with this issue. In some states, HarborPath has been instituted which is an online solution that helps with the streamlining of filing this form and moving forward with the right elements for discount medications.

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