The Generic Assistance Program Helps Many get Medications With Lower Costs

Millions of people today are in need of a helping hand with prescription medications. Some discount programs, and even insurances aren’t covering medications that are in dire need of many people. This includes generic drugs which have the misconception that they are inexpensive. The truth of the matter is that some medications are not only generic, but they are quite costly as well. There are a lot of people in need, but there are new programs that are starting to proliferate the medical world, including the introduction of a program called GAP.

G.A.P Defined

GAP stands for The Generic Assistance Program and it is something that is poised to help millions of people get free medical assistance. It will cover 20 generic drugs and will charge absolutely nothing for them. People that are able to take advantage of this program need to meet a few simple guidelines, but they are able to get their hands on high quality medication that will help them live a better, more peaceful life overall.

The requirements to get into this program are as follows:

  • Must not have drug coverage
  • Must be 100% below the poverty line (Federal)
  • U.S. Citizens and legal residents (including visas)


The companies Needymeds and RX Outreach have both funded the creation and implementation of GAP, but there is more work to be done. With the launch of a new opportunity for crowdfunding and a matching of upwards of $50,000, this is exciting news that may very well help create a lasting impression for those that need medication today.


Giving The Gift of Life


For millions of people, the design and implementation of GAP will create much needed support for free medication, and so much more. The crowdfunding campaign is life with HEALfundr, and donations will be matched for those that are willing to step up and give the gift of life. Some of these medications can in fact save others, and with as little as $5, you can change the life of someone in need. Free prescription drug programs aren’t always easy to come by, and insurance doesn’t always cover many. For those that have no other recourse, this is a life saver that will definitely be appreciated. With the formation and introduction of The Generic Assistance Program, 20 previously difficult to get drugs will be put into the hands of those that need them most. With the support of individuals, organizations and more, this could very well be a new hope for millions.

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